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On the Binance Smart Chain, Fox Finance is a community-run multimedia blockchain society. We are developing a platform that can be used as a strong and dynamic tool in the fight to protect and preserve endangered species. We re-launched to our V2 token in May of 2022.
This platform entails the production of cutting-edge multimedia projects that amuse, instruct, and enlighten people, like our podcasts for FoxDen Radio that cover project updates and business news. Through a VR resort that offers live events, video games, NFTs with utilities, the Fox Digital Asset Marketplace, 360-degree nature documentaries, and more, the expanding Fox Metaverse space will connect all of our multimedia projects.

Through its FoxInAction campaigns, which serve as a platform and source of support for nonprofit organizations that share our environmental values, Fox Finance, led by a group of devoted local leaders, aims to inspire Fox holders to take action.

The FoxFinanceV2 Token has a 9% tax on all purchases and sales on Bitmart and Pancakeswap:

4% stake-based reflections to holders. 1% goes toward liquidity, 1% goes toward the growth fund wallet, 1% goes toward marketing, 1% goes toward philanthropy, and 1% goes toward team and development wallets.


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