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Bringing the Gaming Community Together

We are GMR or Gamer, as we say! GMR is a tech start-up working with remote teams from across the Globe, including Europe, South-East Asia, and North America. The team at GMR are building tools with cutting edge Web3 technology to revolutionise the gaming world – are you ready?

Our team is made up of a group of gamers and developers with years of experience in the industries of gaming, web development, marketing, business, and finance. As experts in gaming, community-driven events, and product development we are combining our expertise, working together to build tools that make being a gamer fun. Not only do we want to build the GMR brand, but we also love what we do too and are enjoying the journey.

The GMR Mission

Create. Empower. Game.

Our aim at GMR is to bring the gaming community together with exclusive content, premium creator partnerships, NFTs and much more. A gaming crypto by gamers, for gamers!

We have recently been accepted into the Binance Smart Chain Most Valuable Builder III programme, having been placed in the top 20 projects in the ecosystem. We are taking the steps to grow GMR, developing GMR, with aims to take our BSC token to the Binance Exchange.

Working with the likes of eFuse, Turopium, Binance Smart Chain, we have partnered with some of the world’s very best leading gaming content creators and Web3 companies. Alongside working with other technology start-ups and unicorns, we have over 20 people working on the project across 5 countries. We are excited for the future of GMR, and you should be too.

Our Web3 techies are currently undertaking projects to bring products to the market that will revolutionize gaming content creation through innovative decentralised tech. All whilst bringing the gaming community along for the ride – inside our beautifully crafted space – W00t!

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