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What is NFT Art Finance?

A deflationary utility token on BSC that powers the NFT ecosystem is called NFTART. The tokenomics provides its owners with a passive income by burning 5% of each blockchain transaction's value and redistributing 5% of it.

Without a pre-sale, NFTART was launched covertly in late March 2021. For the safety of the investors, the smart contract ownership of the token is renounced, and all codes are externally audited.

The first platforms to use NFTART as the utility token are and, but there are big, far-reaching plans for the future.

You can find all the features you need as an NFT artist on the Enter platforms, all of which are free and simple to use. The only charges to take into account are the negligibly small BSC transactional fees in comparison to other networks. You can decide to receive up to 20% of all future art sales as royalties, ensuring that your financial holdings rise along with the value of your creations.

With built-in royalty splitting, the ability to mint up to 20.000 NFTs at once, and easy access to minting, Enter is already known as the go-to solution for visual NFT art on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Norwegian blockchain and technology company Enter is constructing the ecosystem. The group is open to the public.

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